Self-checkout machines put all of us at risk for identity theft

Self-checkout machines put all of us at risk for identity theft

What ever happened to showing a photo ID to use a credit card while shopping?

Small-town business owners who are committed to personal customer service are at a disadvantage to the megastores already. Megastores can use their buying power to cut their own prices by forcing the suppliers to cut benefits to their own employees or be forced out of business.

The latest thing megastores have done to boost their profits and take away from customer service is the self-checkout lines. This enables them to pocket even more profits by cutting the need for cashiers. This also makes it very simple to use a stolen credit card. Sure, they have video, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The megastores’ main purpose is to make a profit to please their shareholders and grow their business, not customer service. Holiday shopping has become a dog-eat-dog business. Now megastores are not even concerned if the credit that is used to make a purchase is of the person doing the shopping.

The bottom line is that megastores have now made it easier to use a stolen credit card. Shopping megastores has its advantages, but please boycott self-checkout lines. Also, whenever possible, support your local businesses that are here to serve you as well as your community.

There is an old saying: Let the buyer beware. Nowadays, since some stores do not even bother to check identification, you could be shopping and not even know it till your statement comes in the mail. Have a Merry Christmas, or happy holidays, whichever you prefer.

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