Sensitive documents found in East El Paso dumpster

Sensitive documents found in East El Paso dumpster

An east side loan business is accused of dumping its customers’ sensitive documents into a dumpster next to their property, leaving it there for anybody to take.

KFOX14 was contacted by witnesses who saw employees of “Quick Bucks Loans” dumping folders with the paperwork into a dumpster near the intersection of Pebble Hills and Lee Trevino.

KFOX14 got a hold of some of those folders. Inside them was paperwork with names, addresses, bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, routing numbers, social security numbers, and work history information.

Using the addresses listed in the folders, we tracked down some of the people whose information was thrown out with the rest of the trash, and gave them back their paperwork.

“I’m flabbergasted. This is awful. This is terrible,” said Laura Torres. “All my personal information is in here, anybody can go to town with my information in here. You trust people, when you go and get a small loan you don’t expect this to happen to you, this is awful, it’s terrible.”

Ricardo Rodriguez was also one of the customers who had their paperwork in the trash.

“This makes me furious, this is unforgivable,” Rodriguez said. “It’s got my address, account number, routing number, driver’s license number, everything, social security number, you name it its got everything in here.”

KFOX14 reached out to “Quick Bucks Loans” several times, even going inside the business, but employees said the manager was out of town, when we asked for his name so we could check back later, the employee said she didn’t know it.

“It’s the little companies like this, you have to investigate, you have to do your own investigating through the credit bureau or whatever means, before you sign something like this, I mean I learned my lesson,” Torres said.

“These people should be brought to justice, I will be contacting my attorney,” Rodriguez said.

KFOX14 returned to the dumpsters on Sunday, but the rest of the folders were gone.

The witnesses who first reported the incident to KFOX14 have filed a police report.

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