Sensitive, personal documents found dumped on the curb

Sensitive, personal documents found dumped on the curb


Hundreds of personal documents, social security numbers, financial records and addresses were dumped on the side of the road and left for days.

Businesses notified after sensitive info dumped on Montgomery curb

The sensitive documents once on the street in East Montgomery are gone–wheeled off by police shortly after they were found.

It’s good news for two local companies who had information in a box there.

The records were dumped outside an office building in East Montgomery.

WSFA 12 News was told they belonged to a security company that used to lease office space there.

A couple found the documents scattered all over the curb and called the police.

“There’s a check stub there,” says Kim Bylsma.

A pile of boxes and papers caught Kim and Joanne Bylsma’s eye.

“I told my husband to stop, we gotta do something about this,” says Joanne.

“We stopped and found out it’s people’s personal addresses, accounts, it has canceled checks,” says Kim.

Boxes full of sensitive information were sitting on the street for all to see.

“It has people’s home businesses where they had alarm systems put in, it’s got the account numbers and codes for their homes to break in,” says Kim.

The person who owned the building behind where the documents were found confirms a security company named Advanced Solutions, Inc. or ASI used to lease space from him.

The owner says the company moved out more than a year ago and left only the old records in the office.

The building owner asked for the records to be removed and somehow they ended up at the curb.

WSFA 12 News contacted the owner of Advanced Solutions, Inc. who says he hasn’t been back to that office and didn’t dump the records.

“[No matter] whose fault it was putting it out on the street, they’re still at fault as far as I’m concerned,” says Kim.

Montgomery police officers contacted local, state and federal agencies and determined no crime was committed.

At this time, they will not be filing criminal charges.

“Whoever’s found responsible should have to suffer the consequences,” adds Joanne.

While officers worked to clean up the mess, folks in nearby businesses say the pile has been there for two weeks or more, causing many to wonder if damage has already been done.

“They could break into your home, they could get into your bank account, they can get in your web sites and computer, hack it. It’s just a complete disregard for privacy,” adds Joanne.

It’s private information that is now in the hands of the police as onlookers hope they got to it before someone else did.

Police say they’re planning to shred the documents. We have placed calls to the company that now owns ASI for advice on what you should do if you feel your information was compromised.

Police say the best thing is to monitor financial accounts and watch for suspicious activity.

They also suggest calling credit card companies and banks to let them know your accounts may be at risk.

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