Why a Shred-All Policy Can Boost Your Privacy

One of the best ways to boost your privacy is have a shred-all policy. Here’s how to establish one.

Perhaps the most important asset of your business is your data, whether it’s client information, proprietary product information, marketing plans, and even employee information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, you risk identity theft, product theft, intellectual property theft — the list goes on. Aside from keeping documents and files locked, the best way to boost your privacy is have a shred-all policy.

A shred-all policy simplifies the process of document destruction; where there might be confusion over what to shred versus what to toss, shred-all is exactly that. Shred everything, no matter what.

Having recognized that all other options are just too risky, a shred-all policy has become the norm for many organizations. Alleviating risk is only one advantage for implementing a shred-all policy. Other advantages are that you can effectively train your staff, be green, safe, and maintain a low budget as you implement this policy.

What can you do to start a shred-all policy in your place of business?

First, establish retention periods for your documents. How long will you need to store files before they can be destroyed? When it comes to files such as trade secrets, recipes, and product designs, decide how long to retain these that will provide the best benefit.  When it comes to tax records, employee files, customer receipts, be sure to learn about the different retention periods as required by law.

Once you have a timeline for what to keep and for how long, be sure to employ the use of locked bins around the office so that all paper – remember, this is a shred-all environment! – will be secure prior to destruction.

Of course, the most important step of a shred-all policy is working with a trustworthy document destruction specialist like Legal Shred.

By choosing a professional shredding company, you will be able to achieve your shredding policy goals in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible

Not only will one of our shredding specialists collect and shred your confidential files, 100% of all paper we shred is recycled, thus ensuring your shred-all policy is also a ‘green’ policy as well.

Let’s talk about a shred-all policy for your office today!

Shred-All Policy

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