Shredding Myths Debunked

Shredding Myths Debunked

Document destruction is an important aspect of corporate and personal identity protection.  While many understand the benefits of properly shredding sensitive information, there are a lot of myths circulating about what document destruction really is.

Why is hiring a document destruction specialist so important? Here are the most popular myths debunked –

Myth: An in-house shredder is perfectly acceptable for document destruction.

While a small in-house shredder might be good for paper recycling, shredding in-house is all too risky for corporations that deal with sensitive information.

The biggest obstacle, and probably the most important when it comes to in-house shredding is one that is often overlooked: potential security breaches due to the mishandling of sensitive documentation. In this situation, the mismanagement of document destruction by employees who are not properly trained can lead to identity theft or, worse, the leaking of sensitive information. When your employees do the shredding, you will likely have entry-level employees perform the task, in which case you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals that are not meant to see it.

The fact is hiring a professional document destruction company like Legal Shred is a safer, more cost-effective option for mitigating risk.

Myth: My business is too small.

The size of your company does not dictate how safe you are. Regardless of size, any corporation is at risk for identity theft, product theft, and corporate espionage. Whether you’re a one-person show or a large enterprise, document destruction by trained professionals is the only safe and secure way to protect your assets.

Myth: We have a shredder, so we’re compliant.

This simply isn’t true. Did you know that the FACTA law states that any business that collects or handles credit must have a program in place to shred identifiable information? Did you know that the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act of 1999 “Safeguards Rule” was designed to compel financial institutions to protect and secure customer’s personal information? What’s more, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 regulates the healthcare industry in the United States and assures that healthcare organizations will be responsible for the secure electronic transmission, secure storage and disposal of patient information.

An in-house shredder cannot offer you a certificate of destruction, nor can it prove you’ve handled and destroyed information safely and within the confines of the law.  The safest way to do this and to maintain compliance is to work with a certified document destruction specialist like Legal Shred.

Myth: Hiring a company is too expensive.

If you own a business, then you understand about investments. Investing in a document destruction company secures not only your identity, but your reputation as well, and the return on this investment is priceless.  Legal Shred offers prices and packages designed to meet every budget, whether it’s through routine service, or one-time pick ups. The price of protection is immeasurable, and Legal Shred is happy to work with our customers to find the perfect routine that meets and exceeds your needs.

Myth: Our trash is safe.

Did you know that once your trash is out for pick up, it’s no longer considered personal property? Dumpster diving, trash collecting – these are actions of wrong doers who would love nothing more than to steal your identity or take your trade secrets. Don’t expect the garbage man to handle your sensitive information with care and concern. Only a certified document destruction specialist can ensure that kind of protection.

Instead, put the myths in the trash and call Legal Shred to set up a service call today.