Spring Cleaning Time! Tips for Proper Disposal

Spring Cleaning Time! Tips for Proper Disposal – Here are our top tips for safe disposal that still keeps your identity protected. 


The Spring season is here, and it’s time to start fresh and new! After the close of the 2020 tax season and as much of the country begins to open up and return to business as usual, we’re in the perfect position to get vital spring cleaning tasks done. Here are our top tips for safe disposal that still keeps your identity protected. 


Whether you’re cleaning out the home office or your cubicle, you should always be careful where you toss your paper waste. Shredding files, invoices, and papers where there is personal identifying information is a must. Not just to stop the chances of a breach but also to follow compliance when protecting customers and clients’ data. 


How can you keep this paperwork separated? You have a few options. Either make a particular area of your desk where you store these throughout the year so that they can be sent out for shredding or if you have not been as vigilant about separating your paper waste, then shred it all! Better safe than sorry! 


According to a report from Proofpoint, 88 percent of organizations worldwide experienced spear-phishing attempts in 2019.  ID Theft Resource Center also found that between January 1, 2005, and May 31, 2020, there were 11,762 recorded breaches.


This rate at which security issues occur is a reason for concern and for everyone to take precautions seriously. While you’re clearing your desk space and organizing during this spring cleaning season, be sure you’re setting aside some time to sort papers and documents carefully. 


Legal Shred offers a convenient pick-up service you can schedule to have your secure lock boxes filled with papers for shredding processed on our truck before we even drive away. We also provide a convenient drop-off location for safe shredding. 


As a bonus,  your mental health, productivity, and mood can all be uplifted when your immediate workspace is clean, neat, and organized. So it is worth the effort to get this important task done. 


Don’t risk your future financial health or your business’s reputation, sign-up for professional paper shredding services today!



Spring Cleaning Time! Tips for Proper Disposal

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