Summer Safety – Driving Tips

Summer Safety –  Driving Tips – Sharing the road with other vehicles requires both caution and proactive care. Here are some summer safety – driving tips to keep in mind.


As the summer of 2021 quickly makes its way in and with many reopening’s happening across the nation, we wanted to take a minute to talk about the important topic of safety on the roadway. It’s so important for drivers to be ready to drive cautiously and defensively as they head out into much busier roadways. 


Sharing the road with other vehicles requires both caution and proactive care. Here are some summer driving tips to keep in mind.


Feel free to pass these tips along to your friends and colleagues. We want everyone to enjoy the summer season and don’t forget to give us a call for all of your paper shredding and document destruction needs. 


Remember to Leave a Gap

One of the best ways to prevent an accident from potentially occurring is to leave a safe cushion of space between you and other drivers on the roadway. This allows for enough time and stopping distance to react should a sudden situation like a crash occur in front of you.  


Use Your Signals

Communication is key to safe traveling. The way you communicate with other drivers is by using your signals. It’s easy to forget when you’ve made a last minute decision to change lanes, but these quick unknown happenings are sometimes the reasons an accident occurs. Instead indicate when you’re going to be changing or merging early enough to give those around you time to react and even make space for you to do the maneuver safely. 


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