Boston ranks 40th for identity theft

Boston ranks 40th for identity theft

Boston is the 40th worst-ranked city when it comes to risk for identity theft, according to findings released Tuesday by the Identity Theft Resource Center and Uni-ball pens.

In 2006, the Federal Trade Commission received 3,233 complaints regarding identity theft in the Boston area, ITRC and Uni-ball said.

The non-profit IRTC and Uni-ball reorganized the FTC complaints and factored in cities’ populations for a top-fifty list of areas where residents are most at risk of having their personal and sensitive information stolen.

According to the list, Phoenix is the number one city most at risk for identity theft. Other areas rounding out the top ten include Riverside, Calif., Las Vegas, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio.

Oak Brook, Ill.-based Uni-ball is partnering with ITRC as part of a “Secure Your Signature” program to educate people on identity theft prevention.

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