Tackling Identity Obesity in the New Year

Here’s another type of fat you should be focused on trimming in the New Year related to security and your identity.

Each New Year, resolutions are made to do better, bigger things in the following 365 days. For an overwhelming number of people, that involves getting rid of excess weight, shedding unnecessary pounds and get healthier with improved fitness regimens.

When it comes to protecting your identity and financial well-being, there’s another type of fat you should be focused on trimming in the New Year and it relates to all the extra paperwork and clutter you’ve accumulated and let lie around recklessly. It also includes all of the information you’re sharing online, and with third parties – just waiting for an identity breach to happen.

It’s been referred to as “Identity Obesity” and we have some tips for tackling this issue once and for all in 2019.

What is Identity Obesity?

Described by the folks over at Identity Theft Awareness as the mismanagement of your personal information and a lack of understanding of just how much information about yourself is being shared when you choose to do transactions online, open credit cards and download apps every day. Each of these interactions, data collection points and sharing with vendors offer identifying and personal information about you that you should be aware of and carefully monitoring.

Tips for Shedding Risks

To help get in better shape with your personal information, you should be aware of just how companies are collecting and sharing your information by reading the terms and fine print and being responsible for your consumption. Credit monitoring services and identity management companies can also assist with keeping an active eye out for any potential theft or fraud attempts to stop scammers in their tracks. Partner with a professional company you can trust and make a greater effort to protect your identity in 2019.


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