3 Types of Shredding Services for Your Identity Protection Needs

Drop-off shredding? Mobile shredding? Off-site shredding? When it comes to identity protection, you have a host of options to keep your information safe until it’s destroyed. 

Document destruction isn’t as simple as relying on an in-house shredder and doing the task yourself or leaving it up to an employee. At-home shredders and in-office shredders come with a lot of risk;  you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals that are not meant to see it, or your at-home shredder isn’t capable of destroying the documents properly.

The only secure way to get rid of sensitive documents is to have the materials destroyed by a professional document destruction company, and there are different types of shredding services to meet all of your needs.

Mobile (On-site) Shredding

When hiring a document destruction company, you have the option to have your documents destroyed on-site, which means you don’t have to travel with your sensitive information. Instead of a typical office feeder, shredder trucks have a large opening that can take much more paper at a time; shredding trucks are designed to grab larger materials that can pull most items through, and that includes stacks of paper with staples, clips, and more. With on-site shredding, or mobile shredding, all of your old files and paperwork are transported after they have been destroyed on the truck at the site of your business. Because the paper is mixed in the truck, it is impossible for anyone to piece it together. This also mitigates the risk of transporting whole files prior to destruction. Nothing is ever left unattended and you are witness to the destruction of your files right then and there.

When using a mobile shredding service, you’ll be able to witness your sensitive documents being destroyed. This means you can personally see the job done rather than having to delegate this task down the chain of command. 

Off-site Shredding

Off-site shredding has its benefits, too. Off-site shredding involves collecting and carting all documents to a cargo truck to be transported to a facility to be shredded. For some businesses with low-volume destruction needs, this may be a more cost-effective solution. Certified shredding experts can come to you to pick up your documents and safely and securely transport it back to a facility to have it destroyed within minutes. Often, there are pickup schedules, or this service can be used as an “as-needed” basis, and can do any volume required. A certificate of destruction is issued that verifies that your documents were certified destroyed in compliance with all federal and local laws.

Drop-off Shredding

Drop-off shredding services are perfect for those that need just occasional paper shredding. This service is ideal for residential customers or small business owners who want the convenience of dropping off confidential documents on their schedule.

Drop-off service is superior to at-home shredding for a number of reasons. For one, it’s time consuming to feed one piece of paper into a standard home shredder. Of course, with drop-off shredding services, there are no paper jams to deal with, nor do you have to maintain any equipment.

When you’re ready to shred your documents, simply bring them to a shredding facility. Your documents will be securely stored in locked security bins until it’s time to shred. Drop-off shredding services are just as beneficial as routine pick-up services. When you drop off your papers, you get a cost-effective shredding solution that ensures the protection of your identity and sensitive information and convenience and confidentiality.

When you consider the time and expenses associated with shredding in-house, it’s definitely in your best interest to outsource your paper shredding needs.

For less than the price of buying a personal paper shredder, you can have Legal Shred’s shredding services come to you, or at your disposal for drop-off, saving both time and money.

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