Valley Stream Paper Shredding Services

Valley Stream Paper Shredding Services – If you’ve paid any attention to news headlines over the last few months, then you’ve probably heard about the security risks that are lurking everywhere. Identity theft scams are at an all-time high as fraudsters become more sophisticated with their attacks. 

These criminals use the information they find on your stolen papers to perpetrate all kinds of attacks – from opening lines of credit to draining bank accounts and even purchasing vehicles and homes in the victim’s name.

With this happening so frequently, it makes shredding all of your private data a critical requirement. 

Legal Shred’s services handle the task of shredding and discarding papers for you in a fast and convenient manner. 

Flexible Shredding Options for Valley Stream Businesses 

Valley Stream, a village in Nassau County, NY, has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the state by Money Magazine and is home to several residential communities and prestigious businesses. 

Legal Shred’s uniformed employees will arrive at your Valley Stream business location to remove lockboxes and consoles from your premises. They’ll take it outside to our giant trucks with shredders and process the entire shredding job from start to finish right there before your own eyes and before driving away.

This service level is the only way to know for sure that all data on your tossed papers has been destroyed and cannot be used again or accessed by someone else.

We also offer homeowners and businesses that do not produce enough waste to require a truck pick-up a way to stay safe. Just drop off your paperwork shredding at our nearby Legal Shred Facility.  Whether you have one box of materials to destroy or 100 boxes, it is our goal to help protect your personal information and the environment at the same time. 

Additional Shredding & Destruction Services Offered in Valley Stream

  • Shredding of Documents
  • Destruction of Hard Drives
  • Recycling of Electronics
  • Secure X-Ray Destruction
  • Disposal of Medical Waste

Need a quote on paper shredding and document destruction services for your Valley Stream home or office? Contact us today! 


Valley Stream Paper Shredding

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