Vulnerable Paper Files – Be Careful with Paper as Identity Theft Continues to Soar

Paper files are one of the most vulnerable entryways for an attack.  Here’s why. 

Vulnerable paper files need attention as identity theft continues to soar – 2020 has been a tumultuous year of unexpected and never before seen world occurrences. However, one thing that has continued to plague society – and even more so now with a global pandemic happening – are security breaches. 

For years now, fraudsters have been coming up with clever ways to manipulate people into providing their personal information or stealing that data to use in an identity attack or other fraudulent reasons. 

Here at Legal Shred, we remain committed to helping everyone – from everyday people to businesses to maintain their data privacy. We believe in dedicated shredding services to permanently destroy any matter that could lead to stolen intellectual property, customer data, or trade secrets. 

We offer shredding of electronic devices, hard drives, Xrays, and documents. 

In this post, we want to focus on paper shredding’s importance in the fight against identity theft. 

Paper files are one of the most vulnerable entryways for an attack. 

Here’s why. 

You Can’t Keep Track of Paper. 

One thing that modern computer technology offers is a chance to track how and where files are created or end up. With printed papers, this is much more difficult. Many office employees are still printing documents from their emails to sign and PDFs they need to look over. Those papers become a risk when unattended if they contain sensitive information. 

Once something is printed and in paper format, where that document ends up and whose eyeballs it passes through can never be tracked. Worst still, even if the right person is handling the paper but then decides to leave it out in the open on their desk for anyone passing by to look over or tosses it in with regular refuse, you’re opening your private data up for the risks we described earlier. 

Paper Shredding Destroys Data Permanently

Thankfully there is a solution to this risk. Professional paper shredding. These services include using a professional team that shreds your matter so that it can never be rendered again. 

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Vulnerable Paper Files

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