What Factors Go Into The Final Cost Of Shredding

What Factors Go Into The Final Cost Of Shredding – Being informed on these important points, ensures you’ll work with a shredding provider that is trustworthy and fair. We’ll look at what factors come into play and work to give you the best price. 


When it comes to professional shredding services, there’s no doubt that it is essential today as security breaches and data theft continue to rise. Understanding the costs associated with this service is important. Since not all shredding is the same, there are a variety of factors that can affect how much the service will end up costing you. Being informed on these important points, ensures you’ll work with a provider that is trustworthy and fair. 

Material that needs to be destroyed

Consider the types of materials you’ll need to be destroyed. Will you require just paper shredding or do you also have hard drives, textiles, and other items that need to be destroyed? Since each will have its own process for destruction this can increase the services you’ll need. Any required security standards for handling and storage of the documents should also be discussed. 

Volume of material to be destroyed

Another key factor in how much shredding services will cost include the volume of material that you would like destroyed. For large amounts of data that are sensitive and need to be destroyed as soon as possible, the fees may increase when compared to shredding less sensitive information over a longer period of time.

Distance from the shredding business’s location

Another factor that can weigh into what you will pay for shredding is the distance from your location to the shredding business. Considering the distance and time, it will take for the truck to get to your location and the type of truck needed for the pickup may affect the quote you’re given. If you’re being charged for shipping by the weight or yardage instead of an hourly fee there are still factors that can affect the cost of shredding services.

Emergency requests

Emergency shredding requests can increase costs as they are often difficult to schedule and may require additional manpower than regular requests. Be sure to ask a shredding provider if they offer emergency services and any additional fees associated with using that service when looking around for a provider.

If you want to make sure that your paper shredding needs go smoothly, it’s important to think about all of these factors mentioned above. A high-quality shredding company will be able to help with everything we’ve mentioned. Be sure to also check that the company you choose has references and experience working with businesses like yours.

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What Factors Go Into The Final Cost Of Shredding

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