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Hard Drive Destruction

Why destroy old hard drives?

  • Many of the programs available for sanitizing a hard drive do not completely wipe the data from the drive.
  • The software used may leave traces of data or just delete the directories leaving whole blocks of information behind.
  • If the platter is left in tack that data could be accessed.
  • There is also the threat of someone using reconstruction software on your old hard drive–software that will recover and restore any data left behind on a computers hard drive.
Solid State Hard Drive
Identity Theft Protection

Our Process

Legal Shred destroys your hard drives at your location so that you can witness the actual process. The serial number of the hard drive is recorded and a certificate of destruction is provided for your records.

The equipment we use renders the hard drive useless by bending the platter, crushing the read / write head and damaging the circuit board. After physical destruction we insure your destroyed hard drive is disposed of in an environmentally safe and ethical manner.

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