Getting Serious About Security in 2019: Improving Records Disposal

When it comes to security, all involved must work against threats by practicing, new, more focused methods of protection, including proper records disposal.

In the last few years, businesses have seen an uptick in security breaches and bad actors making their way into the backend of computer systems and using other rogue tactics to hold companies ransom of their sensitive data. Studies show this will only continue and even become worse in the years ahead.

With 2019 now off to a swift start, focusing on improvements for the year ahead tops the list for most. When it comes to security, it’s the responsibility of all involved to work against these threats by practicing, new, more focused methods of protection, including proper records disposal.

Now’s the time to get serious about data security. Reduce the chances your company will have to recover from a breach.

Here are tips for improving how you handle records disposal.

Understand Compliance Requirements for your Industry

While it’s true that all companies must be better about their security practices, the industry in which a company practices can also change what its security requirements look like. Do you deal with customer data that’s financial related? Is your business in healthcare and are you storing medical information about patients? All of these conditions can change the rules and regulations you must follow when disposing of records (how long you keep the file and how it’s destroyed.) This effort keeps private data protected. Understanding exactly what’s needed and keeping up to date with new laws for your industry is a critical step in the process.

Practice Prevention Tactics Company-wide

One of the best ways to prevent security breaches in the record disposal process is to train employees on proper steps to protect data. This shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Ongoing training has proven effective in keeping all employees current on threats and refreshed on the things they should be doing each day to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands. What may have been standard practice a few short years ago might now be replaced with additional steps before documents are disposed of. Providing critical updates across the board is important.  

Partner with Professionals that Care

Meeting all of these secure disposal requirements alone isn’t realistic. No matter what industry a business deals in, having extra support and working together as a team on records disposal makes it possible to achieve these goals. Choosing a document destruction partner with experience that cares as much as you do about protecting your customer and business data offers peace of mind and will save you from having to deal with consequences down the line.


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