Are Ink Roller Stamps Secure?

Here’s why ink roller stamps are not the most secure option.

If you’ve been thinking about the security of your documents, you may have considered or even used roller stamps to cover over private information in documents. While this method certainly takes less time than having to black out information with a marker on each page, it still isn’t the safest way to keep data private.

As a paper shredding provider, we’re not just saying this because it’s what we do. But in this high-risk environment where breaches are costing companies millions of dollars in fines and where a new breach or hack is announced regularly, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that the data you want to be destroyed and secure be done so in a foolproof way.

Here’s why ink roller stamps are not the most secure option.

First, in order to properly cover the data the user must ensure that with every single time they roll the stamp over it that it is saturated enough with ink to cover the content and that the ink they are using cannot be removed later.

Yes. You read that correctly. There are some types of ink that can be removed even at home with something as simple as lemon juice, so beware.

There are also some types of paper or printed inks, that don’t cover as easily or can still be identified even though the stamp.

Finally, with everything else going on in your busy life, do you really have time to manually one by one ink over data in all your private documents? For some of us, that’s stacks upon stacks of paperwork.

Shredding services like those offered by Legal Shred make it possible to safely destroy documents in large batches and involve no manual labor on your part. Simply place them in the dedicated, locked bins and drop them off at a shredding center or our mobile shredding services will come to you and destroy them on the spot.

In the long run, you’ll save valuable time, money and know that whatever paperwork you tossed, didn’t end up in the wrong hands.


Ink Roller Stamps

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