Media Destruction Roundup: Destroy, Don’t Toss These Old Machines

Media destruction is an integral component of identity protection.  Here’s what you missed on the Legal Shred blog this month.

Credit card machines, fax machines, and old copiers: what do they have in common? They have the ability to store information, so tossing them in the trash when their time has passed is not an option for any business who wants to not only remain compliant, but also keep identities in tact. Here’s what you missed on the blog this month:

Copy Machines: They Don’t Just Make Copies

Nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive, and that means it has the ability to store images of every document scanned, copied, or emailed by the machine.  Your copier is now more than just a copier: it’s a computer, and it is susceptible to data breaches like any other hard drive.  What should you do with that old copy machine when you’re ready to make room for a new one?  Here’s the 411 on copy machine destruction.

Fax Machines: Putting You At Risk For Identity Theft

Today, fax machines are part of a line of equipment that serve multiple functions: they scan, copy, and are able to transmit faxes digitally, meaning that data is often stored on the device itself.  Modern fax machines have hard drives that retain a copy of every fax received, scanned, or printed.  For this reason, if your agency sells your fax/copier machine or the lease on it ends, it is important that you retain the hard drive and destroy it.

Here’s a bit more on fax machines and how to go about destroying them properly.

Don’t Forget Those Credit Card Processing Machines

All credit card processing machines retain historical batch reports and banking information that can be retrieved for long periods of time.  The information held within these tiny computers can easily be compromised if obsolete credit card processing machines end up in the trash or left aside for wandering hands to steal.

When it’s time for a new point of sale terminal, be sure you know what to do with your old one for your safety and the safety of your customers.

Onsite media destruction is the best defense against loss of private data from credit card processing machines and point of sale terminals.  Legal Shred can come to your place of business and safely and securely destroy your old equipment so that you remain compliant and keep your customers safe.

The equipment we use renders old equipment useless.  After physical destruction, we insure your destroyed equipment is disposed of in an environmentally safe and ethical manner.

Contact us today for all of your media destruction needs.

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