Security Fatigue, Back to School ID Protection and More

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Hurricane Season Is Still in Full Swing. Here’s What You Need To Know

When a terrible storm hits, it’s the aftermath that is the worst. Communities are left to rebuild what’s been damaged and destroyed; downed trees, damaged power lines, debris littering the streets, and houses and businesses are often left uninhabitable.

Disaster preparedness is a topic that may make some uncomfortable, but it is completely necessary, particularly for areas that are affected most by hurricane season. Here’s what to do to protect yourself and loved ones during hurricane season.

Security Fatigue (and How to Combat it)

Technology users get tired and stressed out from the efforts of remembering multiple login credentials, PINs and ever-changing security protocols.  The result? Making poor decisions that could result in an intrusion, exposure of sensitive data, loss of reputation or even huge financial losses. This is what security fatigue looks like, and if your employees are suffering from this very real issue, there are ways to combat it. Here’s everything you need to know about security fatigue and how to keep you and your business safe.

Back To School? Keep Your Identity Safe

It’s time to get ready to head back to school, which means parents and their children are busy shopping, filling out the required school forms, getting yearly physicals, and labeling all of their supplies.  This is an exciting time for students, but it’s also a good time to sit down and refresh yourself and your family on identity protection basics. Here’s information on how to shop safely, keep your ID in check as you fill out forms, and keep your students safe.

Identity Fraud and Identity Theft: They’re Not The Same

Identity theft can cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours to fix. When people think of identity theft, more often than not they assume it’s from a data breach or a compromised social security number. The truth of the matter is, identity theft isn’t exclusive to one reason. There are several common ways thieves can get at your information. But what about identity fraud? If you’re diligent about protecting yourself from theft, isn’t it the same thing as protecting from identity fraud? Believe it or not, these are two different things, although they are closely related. Here are the differences and what you can do to protect yourself.

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