Mount Kisco Paper Shredding Services

Safe, dependable and stress-free removal and destruction services for your most private information is our top goal. We understand how important shredding papers with personal and sensitive data on them is. At Legal Shred, we pride ourselves in offering everyone – from large and small offices as well as homeowners in Mount Kisco – with the ability to confidently dispose of these documents and hard drives.

Our shredding services can be set-up on a regular scheduled or used as needed. We can come curbside to your Mount Kisco location for a full shredding process right onsite, or you can bring the documents you’d like destroyed to our facility. Flexibility and security are key. Whichever way you decide to get your private data destroyed for good, we’re all about transparency and help you to have peace of mind knowing it’s all been permanently and responsibly disposed of.

Protect Waste Leaving Your Mount Kisco Location

In the  socioeconomically diverse area of Mount Kisco, businesses large and small play an important role in commerce and in protecting their customers. Since security breaches are happening at alarming rates today, there’s no reason to leave any paper behind. Today’s criminals use sophisticated as well as very obvious methods to steal data. Don’t put your customers, clients, employees and your business on the line by skipping document destruction in your waste management plans.

Residential Document Shredding for Mount Kisco

When most people think of giant paper shredding jobs, they think of offices that produce lots of paper and documentation, but did you know that home refuse is just as much a target for theft? Any piece of paper with your personal information on it should be treated with the same care. Our residential shredding services in Mount Kisco and surrounding areas can handle destroying anywhere from 1 or 1,000 boxes.

We don’t just shred paper, we also recycle the end product as a way to help protect the environment and reduce the number of trees being cut down to produce new paper.

Mount Kisco Paper Shredding & Destruction Service Options

  • Document Shredding
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Secure X-Ray Destruction
  • Medical Waste Disposal

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Mount Kisco Paper Shredding

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