Moving Offices? It’s a Great Time to Shred!

Moving offices? Legal Shred can help mitigate the risks and lighten the load for moving day with our document shredding services.

Office relocations happen for a number of reasons, from company expansion to moving to new cities, and regardless of the reason, it’s often cause for celebration.  Of course, moving from one location to another comes with some stress.  Getting outside help to assist you with the planning and moving itself is the easiest way to avoid the stresses and strains of relocating, leaving you to enjoy the journey and reap the benefits at the end. This is where Legal Shred can help!

Plan Ahead

The earlier you start planning your move, the more streamlined the whole process will be. Find reputable companies that specialize in office relocation and workforce transitioning. Create a timeline that will allow for all the necessary stages of your move. You’ll need to discuss this with the rest of your moving team or with the managers and supervisors to ensure it’s feasible.

All Hands On Deck!

Appoint someone from each department to coordinate their area. This includes taking inventory, itemizing what needs to go and what needs to be tossed. This will alleviate the stress of having to do it all yourself.

Notify Customers

You’ll need to make sure that everyone you do business with, both suppliers and clients, know that you’re moving. This task is best left to one person who can oversee the process and keep in touch with everyone every step of the way.

Don’t Move the Trash, and Don’t Toss Documents!

Legal Shred can help mitigate the risks of tossing sensitive information and lighten the load for moving day with our document shredding services.

Second to old documents and office furniture, electronics are a major piece of overhead you either need to dispose of or move. But electronic waste is a significant concern, too – did you know more than 70% of electronic waste ends up in landfills? Hard drives are fountains of information that need to be disposed of properly. If you’re not moving that old computer, be sure to destroy the old hard drive before recycling other components.

Legal Shred offers hard drive destruction services through the use of our shredders; this method works similarly to how we destroy paper documents, except it is the hard drive that is being shredded into unusable pieces. Data is impossible to retrieve once it has been pulverized.

Proper planning and strong coordination are the foundations of a successful office move. Office move plans are carefully drawn up to allow for maximum flexibility and include information such as resources required and activities to be executed, minimizing the loss of productivity for your business.

Let Legal Shred assist with your next relocation. Contact us today!

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