The Importance of Physical Security: Small Business Cybersecurity Series Round-up

There’s only so much software and monitoring solutions can do. Let’s look at why physical security is also important.

We’ve dedicated the entire month of March on our blog to Cybersecurity tips and information to help small businesses learn how they can protect themselves from the threats – big and small – that plague us each day.

From rouge file downloads, to worms and bots that work their way through backend networks and spread malware, to sophisticated spear phishing attempts that target office personnel with scam emails, the list goes on.

We’ve offered our tips to help you stay alert and protected.

But there’s one thing we haven’t talked about yet.

And that’s the importance of physical security when it comes to protecting your company’s overall well-being.

There’s only so much software and monitoring solutions can do. Especially as a small business when having lock tight practices in place is critical. You also need to think about removing the potential for security breaches that exist in the physical location.

Things like flash drives that aren’t accounted for, paperwork that is not properly filed away or shredded and even mobile devices and laptops that aren’t properly maintained. These can all leave a company open to a number of security breaches.

It is a business’ responsibility to train their employees to responsibly use devices, keep track of paperwork with sensitive data and to comply with these regulations. Requiring strict passwords and keeping a password management solution in place is a key step and a great start to locking down potential physical holes.

Then, there are also physical security measures a business can put in place to further protect themselves. Such as hiring a document shredding company to manage and haul away paperwork at regular intervals. As well as keeping the actual lock and key to restrict unauthorized access to file cabinets, server rooms, and even dumpsters.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends small businesses have these rules and a response plan in place for anytime paperwork or data containing sensitive information is stolen or lost to ensure that it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Are you protected?


Physical Security

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