Are you Suffering from Identity Mismanagement?

When it comes to protecting the company’s networks and data it’s critical to manage each employee’s access carefully and diligently.

Businesses today cannot survive without a comprehensive security plan in place. We learn this more and more as new breaches and attacks take another corporation down.

When it comes to protecting the company’s networks and data it’s critical to manage each employees access carefully and diligently.

Here are some major signs that you’re suffering from identity mismanagement.

You Don’t Have Centralized Software to Manage Security

If you still haven’t made the move to updated security software for your organization, you’ve already fallen behind. It’s essential today to have a centralized system that grants and denies employees access to networks and files. This makes it easier for IT teams to turn access on or off and manage whose able to log-in.

There is No Standard Practice When an Employee is Terminated

One of the main ways a company puts itself at risk if by not monitoring and managing old employees who have left or been terminated. Without a process to turn off their access as soon as possible, there is a greater chance of misuse occurring.

You Don’t Use a Document Destruction Company

This last point is pretty critical and can be the difference between suffering from identity mismanagement or thriving in today’s market. A document destruction company that safely takes care of all shredding and hard drive destruction needs helps keep your information and that of employees and customers safe. One small misstep with information can lead to quite a few identity issues. Save yourself the hassle and get the right safeguards in place today!


Identity Mismanagement

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