We’re Members of PRISM. Here’s What That Means For You.

Legal Shred is a member of PRISM, a nonprofit trade association for the commercial information management industry. Here’s why that matters for you.

When you contract with a professional document destruction company, it’s important to ask what affiliations and memberships the company belongs to. Believe it or not, this is a crucial part of working with a shredding company.  Legal Shred is a proud member of PRISM, and what that means for you is being backed by an organization that deals with commercial information management services.

Members of PRISM are industry experts in information management. This includes physical records management services, data protections services,  secure shredding services, and imaging services.

Legal Shred is a voluntary member of PRISM, and this is rather important for you because we aren’t required to participate; we do it because we want access to the tools and relationships that will improve our operations for our customers. Through PRISM, Legal Shred is privy to learning about industry best practices, and this is on-going. That means we are up-to-date in the latest in industry standards, and we have access to other companies that help us promote the industry as a whole. As members, we are required to adhere to the organization’s code of ethics.

Our affiliations and memberships mean we have access to seminars, conferences and association events that allow us to learn what’s important for our customers. This is a win-win situation for us and you, because we are networking professionals, and we believe in taking the initiative to learn more about the document destruction field and how we can make it better for our customers.

Legal Shred’s active involvement with PRISM enables us to give you the best quality of service. We are held to a higher standard, so you can rest assured that working with us means you have access to an established business which has been validated by the industry, and that we follow its standards and best practices.

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