Gobble Up Clutter with Professional Document Destruction

Here’s how partnering with a document shredding company can help you enjoy the holiday season this year.

Is paper clutter taking over your home or office? Most people would agree that without continued management of documents – mail, receipts, communications and advertisements, etc. – a small pile of papers can quickly become a sea of documents. That’s the problem with ignoring clutter and forgetting that shredding services are a terrific option for stopping this.

Maybe you’re cleaning up the office as the year comes to an end to make way for all the new things you have planned for 2019. Perhaps you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year and need to clear your office/guest room.

Simply tossing all those papers into a trash bag isn’t responsible. Neither is asking an employee to “handle it” if it’s your office that needs decluttering. After all, what if there’s personal information or competitive business data within those documents?

You certainly don’t have time to sift through each page and tear them apart by hand or feed them through a shredder yourself. 

Gobble up all that paper in a responsible way with Legal Shred. We give you and your customers peace of mind knowing confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands. We help you stay in compliance and keep your documents protected at all times.

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Partnering with a professional document destruction company that takes care of clearing the paper mess up in a safe and secure way are the perfect trimmings this season. 

May you enjoy the turkey and good times this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from the team at Legal Shred.


Professional Document Destruction

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