Here’s Why You Need to Recycle Electronics & Devices Today

A close look at the importance of destroying and recycling mobile phones, tablets and computers

We’re continuing our “Electronic Recycling & Data Destruction Series,” by taking some time to talk more about the reasons why recycling of mobile devices is so critical today.

In a world powered by electronics and that’s increasingly becoming connected, there’s never been a more important time to get serious about how electronics are being destroyed or recycled and who you choose to help you with the process.

Here’s a closer look at the importance of destroying and recycling mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Firstly, more devices are being connected to “things” today. It’s how we’re able to do so much with just our phones and it is what’s known as the “Internet of Things” or the “IoT.”

Consider for example, how you can set your home’s heat on the thermostat from the office, unlock the front door for your kids, or even send your health vitals over to the doctor without ever leaving home.

These innovations are here to stay, and they’ll only be more intertwined into our lives with time. That means more electronics, more devices and the need to discard outdated ones.

If you think about all the data these tiny machines are collecting and transmitting about us and our daily lives, it’s clear to see that understanding how to keep that data private is critical.

For both consumers and businesses, that means getting serious about e-waste and recycling efforts.

Finding a responsible company that handles the recycling and destruction of your devices – from laptops, to tablets and phones is important.

Just as you wouldn’t want an intruder hacking into your computer, you certainly don’t want them to gain access to the files on your child’s cell phone or on your business servers.

Safe handling and a strong partnership with a reputable waste hauler is the only safeguard.

These providers are well versed in what materials can safely be incinerated, which should be recycled, and more importantly – they see to it that this process happens from the moment it leaves your facility or home through completion. Don’t waste another minute harming the environment or your future.



Recycling Mobile Phones

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