Start the New Year Off Right! De-Clutter & Shred

Now’s the time to clear out all those unwanted papers and safely dispose of documents you no longer need lying around.

With the New Year in full swing, now’s the time for resolutions, starting fresh and clearing out what’s no longer needed. Whether it’s at the office or in your home, you need a safe and reliable way to clear the clutter. One that keeps your private information safe and that doesn’t put your finances or identity at risk.

Just tossing papers into a trash bag and putting it in the garbage might feel like the fast and easy way to get things done, but not knowing where those documents, letters, and papers containing your personal information end up is actually pretty terrifying.

If you’re a business, this is further compounded by the fact that potential customer information, trade secrets or other financial data can get into the wrong hands.

In fact, there are still fraudsters out there that dive into trash cans knowing they may stumble on key data. Don’t let it be yours.

Instead, invest in a document destruction company; one that handles the disposal process in compliance with local and national disposal laws and will make their main focus ensuring your data never makes it into anyone else’s hands.

Just imagine how much more productive you can be and your employees will be when their desks aren’t covered in papers and a neat, organized system helps keep them on target with goals.


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