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Shredding Laws

Why It’s Never a Good Idea To Toss Your Old Cell Phone

Even when you destroy a SIM card, your old cell phone still retains data.  Don’t toss this piece of equipment in the trash. The consumer gadget market makes it painfully obvious that mobile devices have a lifespan.  While cell phones are certainly lasting longer than previous counterparts, legacy cell phones end up becoming clutter in…

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Data Security Mistakes and How To Protect Your Business

Are you guilty of making these technology and data security mistakes? The number of successful data breaches is growing thanks to the increased attack surfaces created by more complex IT environments, widespread adoption of cloud services, and the sophisticated nature of cybercriminals.  Thankfully, security breaches are preventable so long as organizations avoid these common pitfalls,…

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Top Trends in Data Security

How safe is our information online and how can we protect ourselves?  Here are the top trends in data security… With a record number of leaks, hacks, and breaches, 2017 proved to be the worst year for network security. Unfortunately, 2018 is not off to a better start.  Cambridge Analytica gained access to private information…

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General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR: What You Need to Know

Learn about the General Data Protection Regulation and the requirements for GDPR compliance. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the Data Protection Directive in Spring 2018 as the primary law regulating how companies protect EU citizens’ personal data.  If you run a business in the U.S., why should you care? While it’s true…

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Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget to Shred

Ensure that old media and paper files are properly disposed of by relying on a professional document destruction service this spring. Spring is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to go through all of your unused and unneeded documents and electronics that can potentially put you at risk for identity theft. A clean office…

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Electronic Waste Recycling

Don’t toss your old hard drives in the trash. Not only is it bad for the environment, it runs the risk of identity theft. Computers and other electronics do not have an indefinite life span.  While we rely on cloud technology to store much of our data, the truth is computers and hard drives will…

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Uniform and Managed Workwear Destruction Services

Branded uniforms can aid fraudulent use if they fall into the wrong hands. Don’t just toss them, destroy them. Your company’s uniforms are an important way of identifying your staff members. This is especially true of first responders, such as police officers, firefighters and EMTs. When uniforms become damaged or unusable, or if your company…

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Tax Season Identity Protection Tips

Workplace Identity Protection

Stay safe with Legal Shred’s tax season identity protection tips. The Internal Revenue Service takes every precaution to protect taxpayers and help victims of identity theft and refund fraud, but taxpayers should also take steps to mitigate tax season identity theft. Identity thieves can compromise your identity by trying to file fraudulent refund claims using…

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Industries We Serve: CPAs, Bookkeepers, and More

Mobile Shredding Trucks

CPAs: We have you covered for professional and legal shredding services. With just a few weeks left in the tax season, accountants and tax preparers are busy filing yearly returns for their clients.  What happens to that paperwork once the season is over, and where are old tax records going once they are no longer…

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