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Shredding Laws

Paper Shredding 101: 5 Things You Need to Know

Workplace Identity Protection

Regular document and media destruction is a valuable asset to protecting your company’s brand, reputation, and identity. Here are the shredding basics when it comes to working with a shredding company. Companies and people alike have fallen victim to identity theft and scams because of loss of information that a person used off of a…

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Strip-cut Shredding vs. Cross-Cut: What’s the Difference?

The two main types of shredders in the document shredding industry are strip cut and cross-cut shredders. Here are the main differences between the two. Perhaps you’re one of the fortunate consumers or businesses that has never had to deal with identity theft, but don’t think for a minute that it’s because of luck.  Identity…

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Chain of Custody: What is It and Why Does It Matter?

Chain of custody ensures your document shredding is done right. Here’s what you need to know. Organizations are connected internally and externally—the data stored in the hardware, software, applications, and documents are your assets, and so are your gates, doors, and buildings that are being used throughout the daily operations. When you have an established…

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Purge Shredding: What Is It?

One-time purge service is designed for customers who have a large quantity of documents that need destruction.  Here’s why this is a huge benefit to small businesses. Did you know that small businesses are 10 times less likely to have an information security system set up than large businesses?  This oversight can have a significant…

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Keeping Information Secure With Proper Document Storage

There are many ways to ensure that your secure documents remain that way, whether you are dealing with electronic or hard copies. Here’s how to secure and store your sensitive documents. Identity theft cases across the U.S. are on the rise, which is why it’s important for businesses to take the proper precautions to protect…

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Keep Your Mobile Device Safe With These Data Security Tips

Why you need to secure your mobile device and how to best protect your information. Smartphones and mobile devices are a one-stop payment, personal health, work, gaming, productivity, texting, and social media-using machine.  We use them to do just about everything, from mobile banking to navigating new places, to emailing out last-minute notes on a…

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Visual Hacking: What It Is and How to Prevent It

Visual hacking is a security threat that is often overlooked. This is the act of stealing information by simple observation and it’s success rates are as high as 90%. Here’s what you need to know. Perhaps you lock up your files, keep your digital data under lock and key, and authenticate users around your office…

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Certificate of Destruction: Do You Need Really Need One?

A certificate of destruction is a formal statement that summarizes the steps that were taken by the shredding company in the disposal of your documents. Here’s why that’s important. In an effort to adhere to compliance standards and document destruction laws, businesses and residential customers often need assistance from a professional document destruction company. By…

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