New Year’s Resolutions for a Cleaner Office

Routine Paper Shredding

The end of the year might have you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the paper clutter, but routine paper shredding services can help keep your space clean and organized. With the new year upon us, many of us are writing up our list of resolutions. Whether it’s getting healthier or organizing your space, change starts…

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Pill Bottle Shredding and Prescriptions: Protection for Patients

Pill Bottle Shredding

If you are in need of prescription or pill bottle shredding, Legal Shred can help.   Just like medical offices, pharmacies carry a lot of sensitive information in their computers. Every patient that fills a prescription at a pharmacy will have their name, date of birth, address, insurance information, and of course a list of medications that…

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Avoid Healthcare Data Breaches: Shred Sensitive Documents

Non-digital identity theft

Paper shredding in the healthcare sector is one of the most cost-effective and trusted ways to avoid healthcare data breaches. Medical records are huge data resources that would be an identity thief’s dream come true, which is why Legal Shred helps healthcare facilities safely destroy patient information when it’s time to discard old medical files.…

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Guidelines for Medical Record Shredding

Have you ever walked into a healthcare facility and noticed the voluminous number of medical records lining the walls? How do facilities manage when these stacks of paper are no longer in use or the time has come to purge certain files? Is there a proper method for destroying them, and how can facilities safeguard…

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The Truth About “Free” Cruises and Vacations

As some would say, there is no such thing as a free cruise. Here’s what to do about those mailers and phone calls. Whether it’s by mail or phone call, chances are you’ve been the lucky recipient of a “free” vacation or holiday cruise. Third-party marketers rely on unsolicited phone calls and mailers awarding free…

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Top Holiday Scams and What You Can Do to Stay Safe

Scams of all kinds are creeping up, and the more you know, the better you can prepare and avoid falling victim to some of these top holiday scams. The holidays are in full swing, which means criminals are taking advantage of the busy retail season to steal your identity. Now is as good a time…

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Holiday Paper Recycling: Fast Facts

Holiday Paper Recycling

Exactly how much waste is created during the holidays? Here are some fast facts. According to the EPA, from Thanksgiving straight on until New Year’s Day, Americans accumulate about 25% more trash than any time of year. That’s because there’s added food waste from holiday celebrations, not to mention shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows,…

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Holiday Shopping Security Guide

Identity Theft Survival

Whether you do all of your holiday shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or spread it out over the season both in store and online, there are still plenty of security risks to take into consideration. Online thieves are out in full force, ready to capitalize on the millions of online shoppers who are submitting…

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