Apple Destruction Series: What to Do With an Old iPad

What is the best way to dispose of an old iPad that no longer works?

The average iPad lifespan will last three years or so before software is no longer able to keep up and the battery begins to fail. It is important to find a place to recycle it properly. When it’s time to get rid of your old iPad, here’s what you need to know about iPad recycling.

Avoid the Trash for Old iPads

Like old iPhones, iPads cannot go in the regular trash because it is a detriment to the environment. Metals and other components can harm wildlife, water, and more. Local service organizations and non-profits (for example, schools, churches, and scouting organizations), often schedule e-waste collection days. For a small fee these organizations will take your e-waste, make sure it is recycled, and use the fees collected to support their activities.

Shred Your Old iPad

Professional media destruction services like those from Legal Shred can help you dispose of your old iPads.  While taking a hammer to your old iPad may seem cathartic, beating the old device will not likely harm the memory chips and other components that need to be fully destroyed.  Shredding prevents the undamaged components from being put in a new device. Call Legal Shred today to set up a media destruction appointment to help you safely and securely dispose of your old iPad.

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