Jan. 14th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

Celebrate “National Clean Off Your Desk Day” on January 14 with these decluttering tips.

They say spring cleaning is when most people like to clear the clutter out of their homes, make room as the warmer months roll around and open the windows to let in some fresh new air. But there’s more than once a month to do this kind of decluttering if you want to truly conquer organizing.

The second week of January is reserved for “National Clean Off Your Desk Day” and is the perfect time of year for clearing up the area where you likely sit at and work each day. This will make it so it’s not only neat and clean but also puts risks at bay.

Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day on January 14 with these decluttering tips.

Reserve Some Time to Complete the Task

If you’ve ever tried to clean while doing other things at the same time, then you know it’s not really possible to get a good cleaning job done if you aren’t giving it your undivided attention. Pick an hour or two on January 14th to dedicate to cleaning up your desk and office. Whether at home or at your place of employment, taking the right time to focus on this duty will offer the best result.

Map Out a Plan

A great place to start is to begin sorting through the stacks of paperwork and clutter that’s accumulated. Lift them away from the space and use a damp cloth or duster to pick up loose debris. Then, plan for a new home for all the items you’ve removed. Create bins for your pens and notepads, use file holders for categorizing and label these areas so you remember where to put them again once they’ve been used.

Sort, Toss & Shred

As you’re working through the paperwork clutter on your desk, create separate piles for important documents you need to file away or digitize, another for non-important documents that can go in the wastebasket and a pile for papers you no longer need but contain sensitive information. This pile should be handled by a document destruction company for safest disposal. At-home shredders just won’t get the job done and there are far too many criminals still diving into dumpsters looking for that data.


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