Spring cleaning tips from the paper shredding experts at Legal Shred.

What better time of year to start cleaning out those filing cabinets and virtual documents than in the spring? A clean office can increase productivity by at least five percent, so whether you’re ready to purge your home or your business ahead of the warmer months, ensure that your files are properly disposed of by relying on a professional document destruction service. Here are some spring cleaning tips from Legal Shred.

Be Prepared

Assemble a checklist of what has to be cleaned within your office. Give yourself a few hours and set a reminder on your phone for when you will start. Schedule it on a day where you know you will not be busy or distract others from important projects.

Divide and Conquer

For common spaces like your break rooms and office storage, divy the rooms up and have each person do something different. While one person handles cleaning the sink and counters, someone else can sort through old files and check if they’ve met their retention period. If anything needs to go, be sure to place it in a locked storage bin or in a “to shred” box.

Don’t Forget the Drawers

Chances are you have that one drawer that is filled with random pens and scribbled notes, which may or may not contain sensitive information. Organize your drawers one at a time and separate the items you plan to keep, while making sure any sensitive information makes it into the shred pile.

Don’t Forget About Old Taxes

If you have finished filing your taxes for the year, look through any old financial records and determine what you don’t need. According to the IRS, most tax records can be shredded after three years. Also, sort through any file folders and remove any unnecessary documents.

Stay Green

A green office is good for the planet and your community. Now is a good time to evaluate what your business can do to be more eco-friendly. Legal Shred can help destroy and recycle old hard drives, and our shredded paper becomes other useful paper products.

This spring, clean more than just what’s on your office floor. Let Legal Shred do the heavy lifting and give you a hand with your paper waste. Contact us today.

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