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Legal Shred Monthly Blog Round Up – November 2018

Here’s what you missed this month from the identity protection experts at Legal Shred.

During the month of November, we’ve been focused on the importance of shredding to protect yourself, employees and customers from security risks.

Professional Shredding Services

We began the month with a guest post discussing the various types of shredding services available today and why they’re important for ensuring materials have been destroyed properly. Put simply, at-home shredders do not do the job right and they put a lot at risk.

Read more about professional document destruction services.

Employee Security Protocols

For businesses, proper document destruction is critical especially with all of the regulations and stipulations around how long paperwork should be stored and what identifying information is included in an employee’s file.

To help combat risks, we took a closer look at the protocols a company should put in place whenever an employee leaves. Read them here.

Being concerned about documents ending up in the wrong hands extends beyond competitive business information. Fraudsters are on the rise today and they are looking for the next way they can turn large profits with stolen data.

Car Dealerships

A trend that’s emerging as a result, is data theft at car dealerships. Because of the price tag on the transactions at these locations, they’ve become an increasing target. We’re offering you important tips to keep your car dealership protected and fight fraud.

Voter ID Theft 

Another type of fraud was top of mind this month with elections happening at the start of November. Voter ID theft is a very serious threat. In this breach, an imposter can pose as a voter and change an individual’s information for voting. This can end up affecting polling results so its implications are serious.  Researchers found in 2017 that 16.7 million people were victims of identity theft. These steps can help keep you and your family protected.



Professional Shredding Services

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