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Document Storage: Keeping Information Secure

While many thieves scour the Internet for personal information, some still rely on old-fashioned methods, like mail theft and trash digging.  This is why it is imperative for businesses to keep current and old documents properly secured and stored until it’s time to destroy them. Here are some tips and best practices to storing and protecting your information, whether it’s at the printer, at the fax machine, or if you’re using a filing cabinet.

All About Purge Shredding

For some businesses that have high volume data destruction needs, routine shredding services are perfect.  But what about the small businesses that are still at risk for security threats but don’t have a need for routine shredding services?  Purge shredding, or one-time shredding, is perfect for businesses or residential customers that don’t have a need for regular shredding. Here’s the 411 on purge shredding and how to utilize these services to your benefit.

Chain of Custody Is Important. Here’s Why.

Once you have documents prepared for shredding, the process by which those documents leave your possession to the moment they are actually destroyed is considered chain of custody. Who has prepared the documents for shredding? Who is managing said documents prior to shredding? Where are the documents are being picked up, and how and when they are finally destroyed? This is all part of the chain of custody process, and it’s more important than you realize. Here’s why.

Strip-cut Shredding? Cross-cut Shredding? What’s the Difference?

Destroying old documents is part and parcel to identity protection. Shredding documents remains the best method to dispose of sensitive documents, but you may not realize that there are two main methods of shredding: cross-cut and strip-cut shredding. Both have their own merits. Here’s why.

Paper Shredding Basics

When it comes to shredding, it’s not just about paper and there are processes in place to keep you safe. Here are the most basic aspects of shredding you need to know.

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