Westchester County Shredding Services

Whether you’re in need of shredding for an entire warehouse of documents or just a single box, Legal Shred can help businesses and residents of Westchester County find the services they need at a price they want.

As the ongoing problem with identity theft and corporate data breaches grows, Legal Shred continues to bring tried and true programs to improve the level of security for everyone we work with. No job is too small or too big for our Westchester County customers. Our shredding trucks handle 1 or 100 boxes, and recycle the end product in an effort to help our environment by reducing the amount of trees cut down.

Working together with our Westchester County customers, we securely shred per federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines.

In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we have implemented a strict set of rules to make certain that no single individual can gain access to sensitive information. We are confident  we can mitigate identity theft and corporate espionage through our Westchester County shredding services. 

Legal shred handles personal, corporate, domestic, commercial, and other forms of documents for Westchester County; our mobile document destruction service will provide you with fast, cost-effective, professional, environmentally friendly shredding and disposal services at a time and a place of your own choosing.

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Westchester County Shredding Services